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Fees Pool Protocol FAQ

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. What is Fees Pool Protocol?

Fees Pool is a protocol built to handle distributing Fees Pool of DEX among Community, Investors and Team. It's a smart contract built on Ethereum Blockchain and being connected to DEX's smart contract.

Q. Why Fees Pool Protocol?

We introduce this protocol to ensure that we are building a long-term relationship with community. Our vision refelcts point to our believes that we're doing our best to make community treated fairly as well as investors. Since community is one corner stone for project success, we decide to compensate the community giving them their fair rights on project net returns.

Q. How does it work?

Here is a brief description of how it work:

  • First we lock issued tokens in the Protocol's smart contract till the ecnomic value being created.
  • DEX links all trading fees to an account related to Protocol so no one can hanle this fees execpt the protocol.
  • The proccess of distribtion has been devided into many rounds, each has it's own Volume and Fees targets, once these targets being reached, the protocol can then execute distributing.
  • Rights on Fees has been allocated among these parties: founders and team, investors, and community. The right term refer to Net Returns of the DEX Trading fees.
  • Trading Fees can be sort into 2 groups, first is being collected as ETH coin, and the second is being collected as Traded Tokens (BAT, Link, .. ect), and to facilitate the proccess the protocol will distribute ETH fees as ETH coin, and evalute Traded Tokens' Fees and pay it to benficiaries as the Project Token by unlocking the deserved amount from the Locked amount.
    • Q. How Can I participate?

      Everyone can participate by conducting his NORMAL trades on our DEX, a user is used to depend on Trading Platforms and being charged for his trades, but now you get a chance to gain long-term benfits of your daily activity (trading), can you imagine!

      Q. What can I gain from this protocol?

      As we mentioned, a user has a chance to get a portion of DEX's fees Pool by conducting trades using the platfrom, the right value is depended on the size of user's trading volume devide on all community volume during the round, so the more you trade the more you gain, it is a mathmatic functions.

      In addtion to Short-term benfits, you can gain Long-term benfits as the total Ecnomic Value of the project still not created. During the process of Value Creation, your rights is being calucate as A Long-term ownership of the project trading fees. We don't conduct ICO offers, instead we choose to motivate community to build the Ecnomic Value of the project and distribute the rights among them as Token which refers to the Ownership Portion of the Project Net Traing Fees during its life.
      Once the total value being created and total issued Tokens being unlocked and distributed, we will continue to compensate traders by giving them half of the fees pool, and compensate our Loyal Participationet Who Contribute Creating Project Value by giving them the second half of the fees. Start to Build up your Rights!

      Q. How Can I get my rights?

      At the end of each round, your rights on ETH's fees will be transfer inside DEX's Smart Contract from Protocol account to Your account so your balnce will be increased and you can withdraw it whenever you want. Also your Token will be unlocked so you can use Dashboard to withdraw your Unlocked Token whenever you want.